Sunday, May 03, 2015

Difficult Recent Days

The past several days haven't been so pleasant.  Let me first get my thoughts out about the Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Manny Pacquiao "Fight of the Century".  Pacquiao seemed to take too long to feel Mayweather out.  By the time some fire was shown, four to five rounds had gone by, and Mayweather had won all of them.  But then Mayweather was doing his usual running and bouncing around the ring, with a heavy dose of clinching and holding Pacquiao's head down.

Jose, a guy in the group I was watching the fight with, correctly noted that since Pacquiao wasn't ahead on the cards by the end of the eighth round, that Mayweather would win.  I still believe that Mayweather can be taken down, but since Pacquiao wasn't able to get the job done, who can?  It wasn't a bad fight per se, nor a boring one, but it did not live up to all of the hype.

I attempted to pay another visit to my stepmother, who is in the hospital.  She's not doing very well at all; she's unresponsive after having taken a fall in her home several days ago.  Good thing I was able to see her last week, because I wasn't allowed to see her today.  One of her sisters decided that only my stepmom's immediate family should be allowed to visit.  However, they all live out of state, and I'm here.  I understand their concern, but I live close enough to check on her, communicate with the doctors, and rely news back to her relatives. I was in no mood to debate the issue, so I let it go for the time being.

Then I ran into a friend from the church where I used to be a member.  She told me another good friend of ours from that church passed away from heart failure several days ago.  I'm sorry I missed his funeral.

My left knee is better, enough that I can move around in the gym.  But still, the majority of the kids have went AWOL.  I did get two new teens, Shanita, and her quiet brother, Julius.  Between the two, Shanita is the more aggressive.  She told me she wants to be a professional boxer.  They both came in on Saturday, and it was a good session.  But the rest of the time, I sat around, twiddling my thumbs.  I'd rather not have to deal with a mostly empty gym for the rest of the spring and throughout the summer.  Right now, however, the situation is not looking up.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hard-Headed Kids

It was several days ago when Daniya and I were once again, the only two in the gym.  Terrianna, who is no longer in the class, rolled into the gym.  She attempted to interrupt a conversation between Daniya and I.  When I would not engage her, Terrianna left the gym.

Another time Terrianna came in, no one had shown up for the teen class.  I had to get something out of the storage room.  Terrianna followed me, and I knew she had the idea of going in the storage room.  It's not like she hadn't seen the room or its contents before.  She stood there, waiting for me to invite her in.  But I had no time for her to go inside and starting playing around with the equipment.  I quickly got what I needed, and locked the door before she could get a foot inside.  I went and sat down back in the gym, waiting for whomever might show up.  Terrianna started in with her usual barrage of questions, most of which she has asked before and received the answers.  I showed a major disinterest in having a conversation.  It took a long while for her to get the hint before she finally left.

Later that day, Earl, one of the fitness instructors, asked could he bring his class in to cool down.  Since none of the teens had shown up for boxing, I told him he could.  Terrianna was walking right with Earl's class, and giving me looks as she circled the gym.  Let me explain that Earl's fitness class is for adults only.  Terrianna probably figured walking in with them would give her a legitimate reason to be in the gym.

My late parents would refer to Terrianna as being a hard-headed child.  She knows she's not supposed to be in the gym because she no longer has her mother's permission to be in the program.  Her brother Terrance and her sister Te'Ria are in the same position, and they keep showing up, too.  But there's a big defiance behind Terrianna's behavior that irritates me the most.  When she's in the gym, she's always looking for attention.  The more focused I am on working with the kids who are actually signed up for the program, the more it seems she doubles her efforts to distract me.

"Wow, Hillari, why the attitude?  The kid's not really doing anything that bad," some of you might be saying.  Terrianna spent a couple of sessions in the program and she basically did nothing.  I quickly grew tired of getting her to focus on training.  I spent too much time snapping at her to stop acting up.  Terrianna has an annoying habit of touching things that don't belong to her, like my lunch, and the attendance book, for example.  No matter how many times I point out how rude it is to put her hands on something that she was NOT given permission to touch, she does it anyway.  She clearly has no interest in boxing, yet she wants to keep playing in the gym.  It's not a playground. There is one in the back of the field house, and she needs to go there when she wants to play.  Or better yet, she needs to find another activity to get involved in; the field house has plenty.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Limping Around The Gym

My left knee hurt so bad yesterday that I took off work.  Ever so often, my arthritis flares up.  My knee was swollen and extremely tender.  It wasn't any better today, but I limped into the gym.

Two new kids signed up for the teen class.  One kid's mom explained, "My son is more of a homebody.  My son is not a street kid."  Her son has been experiencing some bullying, and he'll be going to high school in the fall.  She wants her son to be able to stand up to anyone who approaches him in the wrong way.

I was waiting on the second kid, Jeremiah, to tell me he was 17 years old.  "I'm twelve," Jeremiah said.  The kid is over six feet tall.  I asked him his age a couple of times because I couldn't believe it.  What are people feeding these kids today?

I was in the middle of closing up when Coach James told me that two guys in his baseball program -- a couple of cousins -- wanted to spar with each other.  One cousin had been bragging about being able to knock the other one out.  One of the cousins was Anthony, who is signed up for boxing, but, you guessed it, too busy playing ball to train in the gym.  Anthony was dead tired after only one two-minute round.  Neither boy was throwing decent punches, and a few times, both fell out of the ring and out of their shoes.  Lucky for them, the ring is on the floor and not up off of the ground.

Daniya was the only person who showed up to the 8-to-12 year olds' class.  Her sister had gymnastics class to attend.  "I saw Angelique upstairs," Daniya told me.  Angelique had promised to return to the gym on a regular basis, but she hasn't done so yet.  She didn't come in today.  Daniya needs someone to work with, especially where sparring is concerned.  I'm worried about her not being able to get enough sparring time, and also if I'll be able to find someone for her to fight with at our boxing show in July.

I limped home after work.  A guy saw me struggling to get up the street.  "Are you okay?" he asked.  "I'll be fine.  I have arthritis in my knees," I answered.  A couple of night ago, a young man helped me get down the 'L platform by offering his arm to me.   I appreciated the help, but it just further pointed out that I seem to have turned into a little old lady.