Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wet Gloves

Justin arrived at the gym with his girl and his girl's friend again.  The girls got to see quite a show.  First, Justin was showing out on the heavy bag.  Then, as seen in the photo above, he got in the ring with Jason.  Again Justin was encouraging Jason to move around and throw punches.  But Jason gave up after one round.

Then Justin had a sparring session with Alan.  Justin was doing double and triple jabs.  Alan got caught with something and nearly fell.  Justin took some hits, and narrowly avoided some other hits that might have did some major damage.  He had nothing but praise for Alan afterwards.  "Alan hits very good for an old man," Justin said.  Alan grinned.

Melinda and I sparred, and she's very good at defense.  I could barely get any punches in.  I ended up slipping and falling a couple of times.  My left knee just decided to go out.  Alan told me that I could barely walk, but I was sparring -- why?  "By sheer determination," I answered after I got up off the canvas.

Rachel and Melinda sparred last, and it took awhile to get started.  Rachel had on bag gloves at first, and those had to be changed.  The next pair of gloves were frayed on the inside, so she couldn't get her hand all the way inside one of them.  Nick offered to lend her his pair, but they were sweaty on the inside.  "No, I don't want to do wet gloves," Rachel said.  I've gotten so used to sticking my hands inside sweaty sparring gloves that it doesn't phase me anymore.  I have hand gel in my locker, and I wash my hands when I get home.  But Rachel wasn't having it.  Finally, we found a pair of gloves, and the sparring session went on.

Earlier in the day, I went to check out Bridgeport Boxing Club, a new spot not far from where the White Sox play.  My intent was to see if I could sell them something -- I was working in the field, after all -- but I also wanted to see the gym.  It's a new place, down the street from where Sam's old gym was located before it moved.  Rita is the mom of the manager, and her son-in-law owns the place and coaches.  We had a good conversation.  I told her I learned about the place from "Fearless" Fernando, a former professional boxer who now is a trainer and works there.  I'll have to come back there, buy a day pass, and do a workout sometime.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Cool Day To Box

It's supposed to be summer, however, the sun was out, but the heat wasn't up.  I was going to turn on the fan in the gym, but the extra ventilation wasn't really needed.

Plenty of sparring action went on, with Justin, John, Nick, Melinda, Jesus, Jason, and Geniece as the participants.

Jason and Jesus's session ended quickly after Jason said "I'm having trouble breathing."  Alan told Jason he had to pace himself.

Justin and Keith were both aggressive during their sparring session.  Justin was pleased.  He said during the session, "That's what I'm talking about!  Finally!"

Melinda and Geniece went at it.  Melinda was a little hesitant in throwing her punches fully out.  Her and Geniece were hitting each other at the same time with jabs.

Later, John worked the punch mitts with Justin.  The two girls standing on the apron of the gym?  One was Justin's girlfriend.  I wasn't sure who the other girl was; perhaps a friend of Justin's girl.

John called me out -- for sparring, that is -- the next time we're in the gym.  The next time, I'll be able to use my new mouthpiece.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Octavio Steps Into The Ring

In the hallway outside the gym lay the "Roger" bag, battered and bashed up.  The photo above is of the heavy bag that was hung to replace it.  I'm guessing the bag was hung up sometime on Tuesday when the kids were using the gym.  Because I rather not be reminded of the odious person I named the previous bag after, the new bag will remain nameless.

In this shot, Kenny and Nick stand on the apron of the ring watching Colonel and Ken sparring.  Colonel's doctor said he could step up his exercise routine, but to be careful.  Colonel thought he was being knocked around a lot by Ken, but he did good.

Nick sparred with Ken, but I have no photos because I was taping on Nick's cell phone.  Nick wanted to get an idea of what he needs to work on.  I wish I had a video camera because I would tape everyone's sparring sessions so people could review them.  It would be a great help.

Alan and Octavio sparred; it was Octavio's first time sparring.  Alan went easy on him, but not too easy.  Octavio wasn't throwing his punches out all the way, but after prompting from Alan, Octavio eventually did so.

I would have sparred, but neither Diana, Renee, or Rachel wanted to get into the ring.  Truth be told, I probably had no business thinking about sparring. . . .my knees continue to bother me.  I was pounding the pavement earlier looking for clients (I'm in sales), and my knees and feet don't seem to be able to take all the walking and standing anymore.  That's really a concern, because I love to walk.

Josh came in with his two oldest children, a boy and a girl.  I mock shadow boxed with the boy.  Josh's daughter seemed to want to be somewhere else.  She doesn't seem to have the enthusiasm for the sport like her brothers have.  But just like last time, she asked very intelligent questions about boxing and the gym in general.