Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Octavio Steps Into The Ring

In the hallway outside the gym lay the "Roger" bag, battered and bashed up.  The photo above is of the heavy bag that was hung to replace it.  I'm guessing the bag was hung up sometime on Tuesday when the kids were using the gym.  Because I rather not be reminded of the odious person I named the previous bag after, the new bag will remain nameless.

In this shot, Kenny and Nick stand on the apron of the ring watching Colonel and Ken sparring.  Colonel's doctor said he could step up his exercise routine, but to be careful.  Colonel thought he was being knocked around a lot by Ken, but he did good.

Nick sparred with Ken, but I have no photos because I was taping on Nick's cell phone.  Nick wanted to get an idea of what he needs to work on.  I wish I had a video camera because I would tape everyone's sparring sessions so people could review them.  It would be a great help.

Alan and Octavio sparred; it was Octavio's first time sparring.  Alan went easy on him, but not too easy.  Octavio wasn't throwing his punches out all the way, but after prompting from Alan, Octavio eventually did so.

I would have sparred, but neither Diana, Renee, or Rachel wanted to get into the ring.  Truth be told, I probably had no business thinking about sparring. . . .my knees continue to bother me.  I was pounding the pavement earlier looking for clients (I'm in sales), and my knees and feet don't seem to be able to take all the walking and standing anymore.  That's really a concern, because I love to walk.

Josh came in with his two oldest children, a boy and a girl.  I mock shadow boxed with the boy.  Josh's daughter seemed to want to be somewhere else.  She doesn't seem to have the enthusiasm for the sport like her brothers have.  But just like last time, she asked very intelligent questions about boxing and the gym in general.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Colonel and I Agree On Pain

Colonel grumbled, "I thought I had Lyme's Disease because I was somewhere where there were a lot of ticks.  But it's not that.  I just hurt all over."  I felt the same way.  I must be used to chronic pain, because I feel some sort of pain every day.  My knees are very stiff and sore, my right shoulder hurts, the right side of my neck hurts. . . .it never seems to stop.

Alan convinced Joseph to spar with Keith.  "That was quite the workout," Joseph grinned afterwards.

Keith also sparred with Ken.  I think they only did two rounds.  I saw Ken wave his hands when Alan asked if he wanted to do another round.

Alan put Geniece in with Jesus, and they did not hold back much on each other.

Ugh.  I really need to take some aspirin and lay down. . . .

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boxing Photo Gallery

One of the nice things about having work flexibility is the ability to have some free time once in awhile during the day.  Between doing paperwork at the office and having to call on prospective clients, I had time to attend the boxing show at the Daley Plaza.  Unfortunately, Geniece and Nayhomee were not able to get fights.  All of the fights featured youths who were from mostly from Ada Park, Garfield Park, Taylor Park, and Scottsdale Park.  The best fight was between an eight year old and a nine year old.  The eight year old was the shorter fighter, but he had great form.  I complimented him after he won.  

After the fight, I got some lunch.  There was an empty seat next to me, and a woman named Becky asked if she could sit there and have her lunch. We started talking, and she told me that hadn't been into the recent World Cup soccer games.  We both had played soccer briefly when we were younger.  I mentioned that I boxed, and Becky said, "Wow!  You're the first female boxer that I've met!"  We had a pleasant conversation, and before she left, she told me to be careful.  I had told her about the concussion I once received when I was knocked out a few years ago.  

There was a good number of people in the gym, so I decided to do something different in terms of taking pictures.  I got shots of everyone except for Josh, who came in later with his twin sons, and Melinda, who also came in later.  

Colonel shadow boxes in the ring.

Geniece works the "Roger" bag.

Hendy puts on a pair of bag gloves.

John plays around for the camera.

Joseph works the body snatcher bag.

Ken wraps his hands.

Nayhomee wraps her hands as she sits in the tire.

Nick pounds the bag.

Rachel takes a break to check her phone.

I shadowboxed most of the time, and got in two rounds on the "Roger" bag near the end of gym time.  I was really hitting that bag fast and hard, probably because I hadn't hit any of the bags in the gym in awhile.  It would be great if that speed and force would translate to when I'm sparring or in bouts.